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Books and Burgers

Posted in Uncategorized by The Nouveau Classical Project on 04/10/2009

My friend Kenan invited me to see a Wordless Music concert last night at Miller Theatre, featuring The Books and Timothy Andres.  Before we met up, I wanted to grab some coffee, and on my way I took a picture of him, paparazzi style:

Kenan sitting on a bench. And if you want to donate blood apparently, call 1 800 933 BLOOD.

Kenan sitting on a bench. And if you want to donate blood call 1 800 933 BLOOD.

His security guards saw the flash and ran after me…but I quickly darted into the nearest <commercial coffee shop that will remain unnamed> and ordered my latte while they ran past.

Thoroughly enjoyed Andres’ rendition of Ingram Marshall’s Authentic Presence, there was a naturalness about the way he played this piece in particular that made the music convincing.  The Books came on after intermission.  This was the creamy center of the entire program that everyone had been waiting to consume (and by creamy center, I mean something like the inside of a chocolate butter truffle, rather than that heinous substance inside Twinkies, which I think are ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING altogether). 


I had only heard one piece by them prior (a fact of which I was aware only after I heard them perform it last night).  They work with both acoustic and found sound, and the result is an organic sound collage, with extra color tastefully splashed on top.

Overall it was a fun night.  Rocking my new leather jacket and having a big, juicy burger afterwards made it even better. 

Alas, it’s over and now it’s time for work.  To do: call up (aka: harass) PR office of fashion designer for next event!  Here I go…

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