Classical Music is Dead*


Posted in Uncategorized by Rachel Christensen on 07/29/2009

011I like wearing the Nouveau Classical Project shirt around town. This shirt just happens to suit my taste, and I guess the printed big black block letters declaring, “CLASSICAL MUSIC IS DEAD,” are pretty hard to ignore. The shirt roughly resembles other popular tees with slogans such as, “Make Love Not War,” or “I’m with Stupid.” I cut it in to a muscle tee of sorts. You know, to show off my buff piano arms in a punk-rock sort of way.

Needless to say, I get a lot of attention whenever I wear the shirt – and that’s not just because it looks awesome. People read it and I actually see them STOP and THINK. Each time I wear it, I get all sorts of comments, including: “Why is the music dying?” “Are you a musician?” and my personal favorite, “Classical music is NOT dead!” I also enjoy the occasional disdainful glance from neighborhood hipsters as if to say, “I love and hate your T-shirt at the same time.”
It’s ironic. Yes, I know. The music is not dead… yet. But it is struggling to survive. That’s the whole idea of the Nouveau Classical Project. We’re associating classical music with fashion and visual art to create a new, exciting, and unique concert experience. So please, take an interest. Talk to me and take a listen. Or if the internet is your style:
-Rachel Christensen
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