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Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover (Okay, Maybe Just This Once!)

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Just picked up all 3 Penguin Deluxe Editions with cover art by Rubin Toledo, fashion illustrator and husband of Isabel Toledo (if you don’t know who she is, click that link!).

While these are in fact great novels, I adore these editions in particular because: 1) they are beautiful; 2) as someone who appreciates aesthetics and good design, they make my reading experience more enjoyable; 3) the books show how fashion can be used as a force to rouse and renew interest for something else yet remain respectful and unintrusive. The stories are the same on the inside, but their new outfits simply make them pop, make them more noticable.  As we typically see the outside of a book first (in fact, the outside of many things) before the inside, these Penguin editions are a savvy example of drawing new eyes to classic art by simply merging intellectual with sexy.



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Thanks to all that came out to party with us at preCONSTRUCTION! We’re looking forward to seeing everyone at Reconstruction (meaning musicians dressed in original fashion made out of cut-up Louis Vuitton samples by Parsons students) this coming Friday, October 2! Special thanks to photographer, Frank Wang – enjoy the photos!

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Reconstruction- Not Quite Over Yet…

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…because on October 2 we have a live concert at The New School’s Tishman Hall, where garments created at the Parsons/Louis Vuitton live competition will be worn by the musicians.  The students designers drew  inspiration from the music that will be performed at this concert.

more info:

And the Winner is…

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More pics+details tonight…

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RECONSTRUCTION Live Event- starts NOW!

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Photo taken by my friend, Ejay, at Parsons

Photo taken by my friend, Ejay, at Parsons

If you look closely, there’s us!  We will help choose the winners of the competition today, as well as perform a teaser for our upcoming concert on October 2 at The New School’s Tishman Auditorium.  Students are ‘performing’  live as we type this; as in, designing and constructing the garments RIGHT NOW.  On October 2 these music-inspired garments will come to life as musicians wear them during the concert.  Each garment was assigned a specific piece of music from our program.  How will Ravel, Barber, and Osborne get translated into fashion?  An explosion of color for dissonant chords?  Or maybe something more emotional or intangible?  We’ll find out tonight…

Today’s event may be exclusive-by-invitation only, but you can definitely catch it from the street through the windows at Parsons Aronson Gallery.  Just be sure to bring an umbrella!

The Lost Tooth Club

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Stamp required for re-entry!

Thanks to everyone who came out to preCONSTRUCTION last night!  It was a ton of fun and we had a great time drinking sake with you guys.  Thanks also to our sponsors, Gekkeikan Sake and Vig27 for their generosity.  Hope to see you all at our next event, Reconstruction, a full concert where musicians wear music-inspired garments created from cut-up Louis Vuitton samples by Parsons students.  (How many clauses were in that last sentence?  The winner gets a lifetime membership to The Nouveau Classical Project!  KIDDING.)

Sake It to Me!

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We are really excited to have Gekkeikan Sake as our alcohol sponsor–they are not just providing one type sake, but four (4!) different types!  Gekkeikan Haiku, Horin Gekkeikan, Plum Gekkeikan, and Zipang Sparkling Sake.  Taste them at preCONSTRUCTION this Wednesday (




Don’t Be Shy…

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You KNOW you wanna party with us!  Join us at preCONSTRUCTION, our benefit party featuring an open sake bar, sponsored by Gekkeikan Sake and Vig27.  Advance tickets $10, $15 door.  Advance tix here:

Reconstruction Pre-Launch

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Fiona Dieffenbacher, External Projects Extraordinaire

Fiona Dieffenbacher, External Projects Extraordinaire

Location: Parsons The New School for Design, 560 Seventh Ave, 2nd Floor Auditorium

Presenters: Simon Collins, Dean of Fashion (how badass of a title is that?!)

Heather Vandenberghe, S.V.P. Marketing, Louis Vuitton North America

Beth Dincuff, Parsons Fashion History and Culture Professor

Sugar Vendil, The Nouveau Classical Project (represent!)

Fiona Dieffenbacher, Director of External Projects

After presenting to the Parsons Fashion Design majors today, we are super juiced about this event!  The intricate details of this unique competition involve three essential points of inspiration: Louis Vuitton samples, historical costume archives, and…classical music!  Students now have to use their ears along with their eyes.  Who would have thought one would need a good ear to design clothes?  Oh right:  we did, here at The Nouveau Classical Project!  For our portion of the presentation, I mentioned that in music we also have lines, textures, shapes, colors, and that there is no completely right or wrong way to interpret the music.

The live competition takes place on Thursday, September 17 at Parsons Aronson Gallery on 66 Fifth Avenue.  The costumes created by the students selected for the competition will be worn in concert on Friday, October 2 at Tishman Auditorium.  Good luck to all you Parsons students, and we’ll keep the rest of you updated on the competition!

Dates to remember:

preConstruction- The Nouveau Classical Project Benefit Party @ Vig27- open sake bar event+drink specials

Saptember 16 @ 6-10 pm; $10 advance/$15 door: purchase @

Reconstruction Live Competition: September 17, 9 am-9 pm, Parsons Aronson Gallery       ***BY INVITATION ONLY – NOT OPEN TO PUBLIC***

Reconstruction Live Concert: October 2 @ 8 pm, Tishman Auditorium

Louis Vuitton Samples for inspiration

Louis Vuitton Samples for inspiration

LV samples to be cut up and reconstructed

LV samples to be cut up and reconstructed


Historical Costume Archives


Students scour the samples