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Reconstruction Pre-Launch

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Fiona Dieffenbacher, External Projects Extraordinaire

Fiona Dieffenbacher, External Projects Extraordinaire

Location: Parsons The New School for Design, 560 Seventh Ave, 2nd Floor Auditorium

Presenters: Simon Collins, Dean of Fashion (how badass of a title is that?!)

Heather Vandenberghe, S.V.P. Marketing, Louis Vuitton North America

Beth Dincuff, Parsons Fashion History and Culture Professor

Sugar Vendil, The Nouveau Classical Project (represent!)

Fiona Dieffenbacher, Director of External Projects

After presenting to the Parsons Fashion Design majors today, we are super juiced about this event!  The intricate details of this unique competition involve three essential points of inspiration: Louis Vuitton samples, historical costume archives, and…classical music!  Students now have to use their ears along with their eyes.  Who would have thought one would need a good ear to design clothes?  Oh right:  we did, here at The Nouveau Classical Project!  For our portion of the presentation, I mentioned that in music we also have lines, textures, shapes, colors, and that there is no completely right or wrong way to interpret the music.

The live competition takes place on Thursday, September 17 at Parsons Aronson Gallery on 66 Fifth Avenue.  The costumes created by the students selected for the competition will be worn in concert on Friday, October 2 at Tishman Auditorium.  Good luck to all you Parsons students, and we’ll keep the rest of you updated on the competition!

Dates to remember:

preConstruction- The Nouveau Classical Project Benefit Party @ Vig27- open sake bar event+drink specials

Saptember 16 @ 6-10 pm; $10 advance/$15 door: purchase @

Reconstruction Live Competition: September 17, 9 am-9 pm, Parsons Aronson Gallery       ***BY INVITATION ONLY – NOT OPEN TO PUBLIC***

Reconstruction Live Concert: October 2 @ 8 pm, Tishman Auditorium

Louis Vuitton Samples for inspiration

Louis Vuitton Samples for inspiration

LV samples to be cut up and reconstructed

LV samples to be cut up and reconstructed


Historical Costume Archives


Students scour the samples

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