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RECONSTRUCTION Live Event- starts NOW!

Posted in Uncategorized by The Nouveau Classical Project on 09/17/2009
Photo taken by my friend, Ejay, at Parsons

Photo taken by my friend, Ejay, at Parsons

If you look closely, there’s us!  We will help choose the winners of the competition today, as well as perform a teaser for our upcoming concert on October 2 at The New School’s Tishman Auditorium.  Students are ‘performing’  live as we type this; as in, designing and constructing the garments RIGHT NOW.  On October 2 these music-inspired garments will come to life as musicians wear them during the concert.  Each garment was assigned a specific piece of music from our program.  How will Ravel, Barber, and Osborne get translated into fashion?  An explosion of color for dissonant chords?  Or maybe something more emotional or intangible?  We’ll find out tonight…

Today’s event may be exclusive-by-invitation only, but you can definitely catch it from the street through the windows at Parsons Aronson Gallery.  Just be sure to bring an umbrella!

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