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Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover (Okay, Maybe Just This Once!)

Posted in art, fashion, we like by Sugar Vendil on 09/27/2009


Just picked up all 3 Penguin Deluxe Editions with cover art by Rubin Toledo, fashion illustrator and husband of Isabel Toledo (if you don’t know who she is, click that link!).

While these are in fact great novels, I adore these editions in particular because: 1) they are beautiful; 2) as someone who appreciates aesthetics and good design, they make my reading experience more enjoyable; 3) the books show how fashion can be used as a force to rouse and renew interest for something else yet remain respectful and unintrusive. The stories are the same on the inside, but their new outfits simply make them pop, make them more noticable.  As we typically see the outside of a book first (in fact, the outside of many things) before the inside, these Penguin editions are a savvy example of drawing new eyes to classic art by simply merging intellectual with sexy.

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