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Superstar-y Night

Posted in events, music, Uncategorized, we like by Sugar Vendil on 11/19/2009

-Amanda Hick and Walter Aparicio, soprano and piano extraordinaires

Went to BAM for the first time last night to see the US premiere of Philip Glass’s new operaKepler,’ an hour-and-a-half work about  the scientist’s exploration of the sky and his coming to terms with science and God: he arrives at the conclusion that astronomy and God are connected and it is up to humanity, through science, to find out God’s plan.

The music sounded great with the libretto, which included some of Kepler’s own quotes and the usual libretto filler.  The harmonies and the rhythm were the strongest supporting elements of the ideas contained in the text.  The musicians and conductor Dennis Russell Davies straight up had their shit together.  Sound-wise, Kepler was fantasic.

The production itself, however,  needs a makeover.  At an opera strong visuals are expected, a must even.  Aesthetics aside, visuals also help the audience follow the story better.  For example, the main soloists dressed in plain black concert attire were meant to be the voices of Kepler’s thoughts, but that was not clear.  At the very least, the scenery could have been, I dunno, a starry night perhaps?  (This seems obvious to me.)  I understand the budget was probably low, but creativity does not take thousands of dollars…and we can confirm that here at The Nouveau Classical Project!  My mind was racing with ideas as I sat there.  Anyway, you should still go see it!

Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of the performers, as a rabid usher nearly clawed my boyfriend’s face off as he tried to take a photo of the closing bows.  (She probably would have Tasered him if she had one handy.  Thank God she is not in any real position of authority.)  But enjoy these after-party photos (and a special video!), where, luckily, Ms. Anger Management Issues was not invited.


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