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Van Cliburn, Here I Come! (Sort of)

Posted in we like by Sugar Vendil on 12/01/2009
Hi Sugar,
thanks! I get so happy when someone finishes my game. You’re special, you know? Only 34 people in 30.000 have finished it so far. And it’s funny, it seems that musicians are usually better at Eliss..
Anyway, thanks for the kind words. I’m happy my game made you happy.

What is Eliss?  Only the best iPhone game EVER! Here’s a video:
It really works your brain and fingers, I swear it’s made me better at the piano ;-).  And completing a task only a mere 34 out of 30,000 people have done so far must mean something, I sure as hell feel special!  Maybe I should learn a million near-impossible piano pieces now and enter the Van Cliburn STAT!  BIG maybe.
Anyway, if you have an iPhone, get this game.   The interface is pretty…yes, pretty, pleasant to look at, even after  you hit sector 15 and  want to break something after numerous attempts!  The music is fabulous too.  Eliss is like a girl whose got it all: brains and beauty in one package!

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  1. […] scores from Final Fantasy and Mass Effect, and I love the music from the iPhone game Eliss (which I beat! Truly one of my top 3 accomplishments in life thus […]

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