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The Lost Tooth Club, Part II

Posted in events by Rachel Christensen on 12/11/2009

How do you get people out of their aparments on one the snowiest nights of the year? We have your answer: party with NCP at LPR! Special thanks to (le) Poisson Rouge for helping host the NCP Holiday Soiree! It was an all around good time made complete with the “I Lost My Tooth” stamp, tasty NCP Holiday Cocktails, and some really good looking people! Props to Renee, the bartender/mixologist, who was a delight! Not to mention, she whipped up a mean batch of the NCP Holiday cocktail. I hope you all tipped her well ;)

Also, we hope you enjoyed your gift bags! Remember that in each bag there is a coupon for free admission for you and a guest to an LPR member show. LPR has some fantastic events coming up, so I’m sure you will all put those to good use. In addition, if you want to be seen hanging out at LPR more often, they have some sweet membership options. Event and membership details available here:

Thanks again to all for coming out – we can’t wait to see you next time!


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