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Hello, 2010

Posted in art, events, music by Sugar Vendil on 01/09/2010

It’s good to be back in New York…relaxing is all good (and not to mention, essential), but I really do go a bit nuts when I’ve been on vacation for a bit too long (in my mind, 2 weeks) and worry that my atrophied brain (a result of the enriching suburban activities in which I participate during the holidays) will be unable to recover. And I apparently start to use more than a comfortable amount of (parentheses). Anyway, I also come back refreshed and ready to work!  And definitely ready to hit the streets, as I miss what NYC has to offer.  It’s freezing outside, but there are some fabulous events in heated venues that will make leaving your warm, cozy, most likely tiny, apartment worth leaving.

I’m particularly excited about Philip Glass’s Orange Mountain Music concert at (le) Poisson Rouge this Sunday the 10th, featuring music by Trevor Gureckis, Joel Harrison, and Mick Rossi.  Not only is the music going to rock out, but the composers will be there and I’m sure they’d love you to pull a groupie move and talk to them afterward. I know at least one of these three guys is a down-to-earth cat (haven’t met the other two). And LPR is absolutely one of our favorite venues–totally hip yet unpretentious, fun crowd, nice owners. Click on the composers to hear some samples and get tickets here.

by Su Blackwell

Last night I went to see the Museum of Art and Design‘s Slash: Paper Under the Knife.  This incredible exhibit features artists who cut, fold, and use paper in exceptionally innovative ways. Much of the work involved such meticulous craftsmanship, and some of the larger scale works are so beautiful and voluminous they make one want to literally jump into them. (But don’t do that, obviously.)  I’d suggest going on a Thursday, when the admission is pay-what-you-wish from 6-9 pm.

So take off that Snuggie, pull on your boots and slap on some blush for some ear-opening music and shredded paper that is not meant for the recycling bin!


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