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JACK at The Stone

Posted in music, review by The Nouveau Classical Project on 08/11/2010

Who: JACK Quartet

Where: The Stone

Wore: Black tank with cummerbund trim, vintage baby blue ruffled Versace skirt, white and silver wingtips

Program: Contrapunctus No. 14 from The Art of Fugue – Bach (arr. by Christopher Otto)
Six Bagatelles, Op. 9 – Webern
Blossoming – Toshio Hosokawa
String Quartet no. 5 – Glass

It was our first time at The Stone tonight, which we missed before we turned around and spotted the 2×8 inch window graphic on the door that marked its name. We were lucky our intern, Yoobin Whang, saved us a seat in what felt like a one hundred-degree room. (Remember form/FIGURE? If you weren’t there, it was super hot and packed in, much like this concert, except during the winter.) The seats were not only sold out, but the remainder of any available space was occupied as well: people who could not secure a seat stood in available spots to hear the JACK Quartet work their magic. For the Webern, the quartet asked that the AC be turned off ‘for just this piece.’ It was worth sitting through the heat: JACK performed the Webern with such precision and clarity in their ideas, creating an atmosphere that was almost palpable. Mad props to the door guy who turned the air back on as soon as the group relaxed to signal that it was okay to applaud now. The Hosokawa was beautiful, with colors that felt natural and organic (like Whole Foods! Sorry, that came to mind instantly. Next thought is the second floor of Fairway.) The group did justice to the luminous Glass String Quartet, providing excellent contrast between sections and emotions.

We regret that we didn’t snag the Xenakis CD that was for sale at the door! We’ll just have to get one here.

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