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Last NCP Event at Nabi Gallery

Posted in events, music by The Nouveau Classical Project on 01/11/2011

Join us at our beloved Nabi Gallery for our first event of 2011. Get to know the composers from our upcoming concerts with our hand-picked playlist AND by meeting them in person!  Hell, buy them a drink! Oh wait, you don’t have to! You can simply hand it to them after you pick it up from the OPEN BAR! Tickets are here. View photos from our last listening party.

This is going to be one of the makeshift music venue’s last events. Owners Val and Min-Myn Schaffner, who will close the gallery at the end of the month, generously provided a home to numerous up-and-coming artists over the past three years or so. Nabi is a rare gem, maybe even the only one of its kind, in a city where venues can cost thousands of dollars to rent. The gorgeous space not only provided a stage for musicians, but an intimate vibe where audiences could feel close to the artists…and not in the claustrophobic way that small venues can tend to be at times. The artists welcomed at Nabi are (I use the present tense because it is not closed yet!) also graced with the presence of Mr. and Mrs. Schaffner, who watch the concerts  whenever their schedules allow them to do so.

We are so grateful to the Schaffners, to whom we owe so much, for having Nouveau Classical as part of its musical family, and we are sad to see Nabi close…but on to bigger and better things! We wish the Schaffners the best of luck with their next venture, which is sure to be a successful one, given the way they have made such a significant impact on the art and especially the music community in New York City.

Thank you, Val and Min-Myn, for your everything! We are where we are today because of your generosity and the support you provided during NCP’s early-er stages.

Check out the concerts we held at Nabi, here and here.


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