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Sounds at Silvershed

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Neon of Trivial models one of his own designs

Tomorrow evening we’re playing some plugged-in music on the rooftop of the Silvershed. While we are super excited about playing, we’re even more excited about not having to go somewhere else to party, since we’ll be throwing a listening party at the venue, complete with inexpensive libations after the show!

But wait, there’s more!

In addition to the concert and party, our guests can walk through the Silvershed gallery and view fashion-inspired prints by Patrick Meagher. Culture, cocktails, and collective fun in one night.

Music (in no particular order):
Ananta- Ryan Manchester
Cliffs- Aphex Twin, Arr. Trevor Gureckis
Saint Arc- Daniel Wohl
Bed from Einstein on the Beach- Glass
Changing Opinion- Glass
Suspended Harmonies- Trevor Gureckis

Fashion: Millinery by Trivial

Art: prints by Patrick Meagher.

Tickets are 15 at the door or online here:

Doors open at 7:30 pm

See you there!


Amped/Electrified PHOTOS!

Posted in events, photos by The Nouveau Classical Project on 03/26/2011

Thanks to MATA for this opportunity–it was truly a significant concert for NCP. HUGE thanks to Frank Wang, he never lets us down with his photography skillz! And special thanks to Jonathan Cohen for his thoughtfulness in styling us and to his business partner, Sarah and his interns for coming to help out. The concert was a success and the house was packed despite the rainy weather. MORE photos on our Facebook page.

Intelligence is a Luxury

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Last night we did some much needed dancing and letting loose at FLATTmagazine’s launch party for their inaugural issue. The evening featured the art of Kika Karadi and a performance by rock jazz pianist Elew, who ‘played louder than anyone I’ve ever heard in my life!’ according to Trevor Gureckis. Post after party, which took place in a bar located in the basement, we went back to the gallery to have some fun with the piano and sang along to Kanye West and Arcade Fire songs.

We had the chance to read the magazine this morning. In the editor’s letter, James Perkins discusses how the idea of ‘liv[ing] charmingly’ has changed significantly in America. He writes:

In an era where we all may have a little less, being discerning about how we spend our money, our time, and deciding what gives us a high rate of cultural return is a fundamental necessity. FLATTmagazine endeavors to creatively arm you with a spectrum of knowledge to help all of us accomplish this goal.

Intelligence is luxury.

We love this magazine for a couple of reasons: the lusciousness of its gorgeous photos, thought-provoking articles, fabulous parties. But we especially adore FLATT for its desire to be more than just another chic publication, it’s intention to give readers a high ‘cultural return.’

Check it out and be sure to read NCP commissioned composer Jay Wadley’s piece, The Art of the Sample. And we’re not gonna lie, we are stoked about the lil’ mention we got.

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Last NCP Event at Nabi Gallery

Posted in events, music by The Nouveau Classical Project on 01/11/2011

Join us at our beloved Nabi Gallery for our first event of 2011. Get to know the composers from our upcoming concerts with our hand-picked playlist AND by meeting them in person!  Hell, buy them a drink! Oh wait, you don’t have to! You can simply hand it to them after you pick it up from the OPEN BAR! Tickets are here. View photos from our last listening party.

This is going to be one of the makeshift music venue’s last events. Owners Val and Min-Myn Schaffner, who will close the gallery at the end of the month, generously provided a home to numerous up-and-coming artists over the past three years or so. Nabi is a rare gem, maybe even the only one of its kind, in a city where venues can cost thousands of dollars to rent. The gorgeous space not only provided a stage for musicians, but an intimate vibe where audiences could feel close to the artists…and not in the claustrophobic way that small venues can tend to be at times. The artists welcomed at Nabi are (I use the present tense because it is not closed yet!) also graced with the presence of Mr. and Mrs. Schaffner, who watch the concerts  whenever their schedules allow them to do so.

We are so grateful to the Schaffners, to whom we owe so much, for having Nouveau Classical as part of its musical family, and we are sad to see Nabi close…but on to bigger and better things! We wish the Schaffners the best of luck with their next venture, which is sure to be a successful one, given the way they have made such a significant impact on the art and especially the music community in New York City.

Thank you, Val and Min-Myn, for your everything! We are where we are today because of your generosity and the support you provided during NCP’s early-er stages.

Check out the concerts we held at Nabi, here and here.

NCP + Debut for Fashion’s Night Out!

Posted in events, fashion, music by The Nouveau Classical Project on 09/07/2010

Hope to see you at but this Friday for Fashion’s Night Out this year! We’ll be there performing some Bach and a piece written especially for this event by Trevor Gureckis, featuring violinists Amanda Lo and Tessa Sacramone, and flutist Yoobin Whang. The girls will be performing in Début special edition Faces of Fashion T’s (if they aren’t already sold out prior to the event!). Each tee features a fashion icon, including a certain lovable VOGUE editor who is stopping by to say hello!

The proceeds from the tees will go to the Savannah College of Art and Design. So indulge in a glass of champagne and support art, and party the night away in an amazing boutique that supports art! RSVP:

Airy Eri

Posted in concert, events by The Nouveau Classical Project on 06/22/2010

Eri Wakiyama‘s designs for Visions this Thursday have us up in the air, with whimsical, avant-garde pieces that integrate the music on the program. According to Eri, ‘The clothes I created for Visions are meant to execute a dreamy romantic feeling while not being directly girly. Like a broken down doll type of world.”

To complement Eri’s collection, the amazing menswear designer Edward Lorenz is back with imaginative designs. We can’t give away too much…but for form/FIGURE Lorenz designed some crazy headgear, inspired by the musical savants in Oliver SacksMusicophilia. We are eager to to see what he’s got brewing!

Get your tickets for Visions here.


Posted in concert, events, fashion, music by The Nouveau Classical Project on 06/10/2010

A concert where fashion and classical music converge. ‘Visions’ will will take our audience through a dream-like soundscape with music-inspired fashion in a beautiful, intimate venue.

Musicians will don fashion inspired by the music, designed by Edward Lorenz and Eri Wakiyama of Rag and Bone and Comme de Garcons, respectively.

This concert will feature Unsound Grounds performed by the composer himself, Trevor Gureckis, who regularly assists Phillip Glass on major projects. Also on the program are Glass’s Changing Opinion, Liebermann’s rarely performed Piano Trio No. 1, and Takemitsu’s Seasons (aka red and blue graphic score for live improvised percussion with tape!), which premiered in New York just a few months ago.

When fashion and classical music collide, the result is a beautiful visual and aural experience.

Meet and mingle with our artists at the after party- bar TBA!

Musicians: Walter Aparicio, Trevor Gureckis, Sugar Vendil, piano; Patti Kilroy, violin; Rebecca Dragonetti, cello; Amanda Hick, soprano; Jeffrey Eng, Laura Jordan, Frank Tyl, percussion.

Our last concert sold out, so try to get tickets soon!
20 adv/25 door

BMI 58th Annual Composer Awards

Posted in events, music by The Nouveau Classical Project on 05/14/2010

We’d like to congratulate the winners of this year’s awards…congrats! Can’t wait to hear your stuff played all over the world soon…

Grand Salon @ Jumeirah Essex House, 6pm

The real reason we showed up...NUM NUM NUM

Derrick Wang, one of the winners

Nina C. Young's piece, Kolokol for two pianos and electronics

'No paparazzi, please!' says Ralph Jackson, President of the BMI Foundation

This guy had cool glasses.

What Happens When You..

Posted in events by The Nouveau Classical Project on 04/14/2010

…put composers, fashion designers, and cool people in a beautiful art gallery? This!

Meet our exceptionally stylish (and friendly!) fashion designers, amazing composers, and fellow lovers of life at our listening party. The playlist is hand-selected; among those on the music roster are composers who won our competition in addition to present favorites in the New York music scene. It gets better: there’s an open bar, and you get to take hope an exclusive CD with selections from the evening’s sounds.

Our crowd is sure to be fun and interesting (in the best sense of the word!), per usual at our events. So don’t miss out!

Feathers and Headgear

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Thanks to all who came! And thanks to our wonderful musicians, designers Gigi Burris and Edward Lorenz, and artist Chris Rini.  Thanks to Yamaha for generously providing our piano! And to our generous volunteers: Michael Angeles, Trevor Gureckis, Ejay Jung, Jesse Patch, Jay Wadley. These amazing photos are by Frank Wang Photography. Looking forward to the next one…

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