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Mitsuko in the Morning

Posted in Uncategorized by The Nouveau Classical Project on 04/17/2009

Just got back from an 11 am concert at Avery Fisher Hall, where pianist Mitsuko Uchida rocked Ravel’s Second Piano Concerto in G major.  That woman has so much fire.  The second movement was beautiful…although I’ve heard it many times, entire opening section (which is just the piano alone) always makes me want to cry. 

In true groupie form, I attempted to sneak backstage.  After walking around the orchestra level and finding only a mile-long restroom line inhabited by senior citizens and nearly tripping over the canes of some, I decided to ask one of ushers if there was any way to meet Mitsuko.  Turns out all I had to do was go the the Green Room on the orchestra level and wait; it’s not like rock concerts (or Nouveau Classical concerts ;)), where there are high levels of security trying to fend off throngs of fans…so much for being a badass.  I stood in a line of about 10 people, all of which were at least 30 years older than I am.  Ms. Uchida was taking a little while to come out, so someone knocked on the door, and lo and behold, a barefoot Mitsuko popped out and greeted us. 

I said something typical and nerdy and then asked for a picture.  She said yes!  And she was ready for it, while I unfortunately, not so much. 

Me (with a crazy look in my eyes) and Mitsuko Uchida

Me (with crazy look in eyes) and Mitsuko Uchida

Mitsuko wore a top with sparkly sleeves, pleated pants that could be Pleats Please by Issey Miyake, and a gray sash to accent it.  The flashiniess of her outfit matched the music, Nouveau Classical style!  Hell yes.

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