Classical Music is Dead*

coh. N

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“For me, Fashion isn’t fantasy; it is thinking about how people wear clothes.

The garments adapt to the person and only make sense when worn. It is my way of answering the expectations of a modern way of living.

I like to show the beauty of things for what they are by creating a balance between the fabric, the design and the draping.

It is important for me to keep my design simple,to leave room for imagination and appropriation.  A lot of things can be worn different ways by being reversible or being worn upside down. It is a lot about freedom; Freedom of choice, freedom of movement.”

-Rachel Cohen, coh. N

We chose Rachel’s designs for Departures because her idea that garments adapt to the person implied that the wearer interprets the garments, similar to how Departures artist Elsie Hill wanted her paintings to have an open interpretation for the viewer.  Interpretation is expressed in two completely differently forms, not only through medium but visually as well: Cohen’s and Hill’s work do not have literal parallels, but perspective and point of view are what lie at the core of their work.