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Support a Music Maker, a Milliner and Their Muses

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Check out our Indiegogo Campaign and support our debut at Symphony Space on April 5, 2012. Wearing the Lost Generation will be a salon event featuring the world premiere of Trevor Gureckis‘s Lost Generation as well as Ravel’s Piano Trio in A minor. And per usual–music-inspired fashion, this time by quirky and loveable self-proclaimed nerd Heidi Lee!


Sounds at Silvershed

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Neon of Trivial models one of his own designs

Tomorrow evening we’re playing some plugged-in music on the rooftop of the Silvershed. While we are super excited about playing, we’re even more excited about not having to go somewhere else to party, since we’ll be throwing a listening party at the venue, complete with inexpensive libations after the show!

But wait, there’s more!

In addition to the concert and party, our guests can walk through the Silvershed gallery and view fashion-inspired prints by Patrick Meagher. Culture, cocktails, and collective fun in one night.

Music (in no particular order):
Ananta- Ryan Manchester
Cliffs- Aphex Twin, Arr. Trevor Gureckis
Saint Arc- Daniel Wohl
Bed from Einstein on the Beach- Glass
Changing Opinion- Glass
Suspended Harmonies- Trevor Gureckis

Fashion: Millinery by Trivial

Art: prints by Patrick Meagher.

Tickets are 15 at the door or online here:

Doors open at 7:30 pm

See you there!

Interval 4.3 is coming!

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…And guess what? It’s us! On March 10 at Issue Project Room. If you are already excited about going, get tix here. Below is our first blog post for MATA, and we’ll have more coming up with composer interviews, insights from our designer Jonathan Cohen, y mas…but we’re not giving everything away! We do like to tease ;)

Via MATA’s Blog:

INTERVAL 4.3 Introductions: The Nouveau Classical Project

posted on February 10th, 2011

First of all, we’d really like to thank everyone at MATA. It definitely takes a group of open-minded and daring people, especially in [classical? art? concert?] music to support a project like this.

The Nouveau Classical Project is a concert series that connects fashion and music. For Amped/Electrified, designer Jonathan Cohen will style the musicians’ attire based on the music they perform. He has already started listening to the music and has a lot of great ideas brewing. Jonathan’s fashion presentation is this Friday, so stay tuned for photos of his show and an interview about Amped/Electrified on our blog!

In the spirit of MATA, we decided to program experimental and electro-acoustic works by composers who have a classical background but are breaking ground with unconventional approaches to music. So we searched and encountered a few speed bumps on the way, but it all came together. We got a hold of some great works that each have something unique to offer. Izzi Ramkissoon’s The Asperity of Lace asks musicians to improvise, compose something on their own, which is something that we think every musician should be able to do, but is instead something that most of us with a classical background find intimidating. (Maybe I’ll have a Jameson before performing that one.) Ananta (New York Premiere) by Ryan Manchester puts us in a calm, meditative yet focused state, while Jay Wadley’s textural and strangely beautiful Things My Father Never Told Me (World Premiere) expresses the anxiety and self doubt many of us experience. And then there’s Danielle Schwob’sMehr Licht, whose sound literally reveals ‘more light,’ and Trevor Gureckis’s arrangement of Aphex Twin’s Cliffs. APHEX TWIN. Enough said there.

Admittedly, we haven’t programmed but one work with tape in the past, but we knew that being part of MATA means embracing innovation and looking beyond what we had already done thus far. We hope that this comes across in both the music and our approach to the classical (for lack of a better word) concert, and we are thankful for being involved with an organization that pushes us to push boundaries and be open.

We’ve got more things to say on what we do and why we do it, plus artist interviews. Keep up with us on Twitter: @ncp to get updates on new posts and photos!


NCP + Debut for Fashion’s Night Out!

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Hope to see you at but this Friday for Fashion’s Night Out this year! We’ll be there performing some Bach and a piece written especially for this event by Trevor Gureckis, featuring violinists Amanda Lo and Tessa Sacramone, and flutist Yoobin Whang. The girls will be performing in Début special edition Faces of Fashion T’s (if they aren’t already sold out prior to the event!). Each tee features a fashion icon, including a certain lovable VOGUE editor who is stopping by to say hello!

The proceeds from the tees will go to the Savannah College of Art and Design. So indulge in a glass of champagne and support art, and party the night away in an amazing boutique that supports art! RSVP:


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A concert where fashion and classical music converge. ‘Visions’ will will take our audience through a dream-like soundscape with music-inspired fashion in a beautiful, intimate venue.

Musicians will don fashion inspired by the music, designed by Edward Lorenz and Eri Wakiyama of Rag and Bone and Comme de Garcons, respectively.

This concert will feature Unsound Grounds performed by the composer himself, Trevor Gureckis, who regularly assists Phillip Glass on major projects. Also on the program are Glass’s Changing Opinion, Liebermann’s rarely performed Piano Trio No. 1, and Takemitsu’s Seasons (aka red and blue graphic score for live improvised percussion with tape!), which premiered in New York just a few months ago.

When fashion and classical music collide, the result is a beautiful visual and aural experience.

Meet and mingle with our artists at the after party- bar TBA!

Musicians: Walter Aparicio, Trevor Gureckis, Sugar Vendil, piano; Patti Kilroy, violin; Rebecca Dragonetti, cello; Amanda Hick, soprano; Jeffrey Eng, Laura Jordan, Frank Tyl, percussion.

Our last concert sold out, so try to get tickets soon!
20 adv/25 door

Sounds Pics

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Thanks to everyone who came out last Friday to our Sounds & Silhouettes Listening Party! Funds will go towards supporting our artists and creating more great concerts. This event would not have been possible without the generosity of the  following people: Val and Myn-Myn Schaffner of Nabi Gallery (where there is currently an must-see Kathy Buist exhibition up); Jay Wadley for providing our speakers; Ejay Jung, photographer; Marcus Sands and Santosh Sateesh for our drink mixers; our volunteer staff, Yoobin Whang, Steven Chen, Alexandra Woo, and Jenn Wang; composers William Brittelle, Brooks Frederickson, Trevor Gureckis, Ryan Manchester, Danielle Schwob, Victoire, and Jay Wadley; fashion designers Edward Lorenz and Eri Wakiyama; and last, but not least, our alcohol brigade, for making our open bar happen! Randolph Hall, Jason Jean, Justin Kantor, Melinda Lin, and Smitri Sateesh. Enjoy these!

Nicole Merritt, NCP Marketing & PR Director

Brooks Frederickson, right

Eri Wakiyama

Ryan Manchester

William Brittelle and Eric Lin, New Amsterdam Records

Justin Kantor, le Poisson Rouge

Jonathan Cohen, right

What Happens When You..

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…put composers, fashion designers, and cool people in a beautiful art gallery? This!

Meet our exceptionally stylish (and friendly!) fashion designers, amazing composers, and fellow lovers of life at our listening party. The playlist is hand-selected; among those on the music roster are composers who won our competition in addition to present favorites in the New York music scene. It gets better: there’s an open bar, and you get to take hope an exclusive CD with selections from the evening’s sounds.

Our crowd is sure to be fun and interesting (in the best sense of the word!), per usual at our events. So don’t miss out!

Hello, 2010

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It’s good to be back in New York…relaxing is all good (and not to mention, essential), but I really do go a bit nuts when I’ve been on vacation for a bit too long (in my mind, 2 weeks) and worry that my atrophied brain (a result of the enriching suburban activities in which I participate during the holidays) will be unable to recover. And I apparently start to use more than a comfortable amount of (parentheses). Anyway, I also come back refreshed and ready to work!  And definitely ready to hit the streets, as I miss what NYC has to offer.  It’s freezing outside, but there are some fabulous events in heated venues that will make leaving your warm, cozy, most likely tiny, apartment worth leaving.

I’m particularly excited about Philip Glass’s Orange Mountain Music concert at (le) Poisson Rouge this Sunday the 10th, featuring music by Trevor Gureckis, Joel Harrison, and Mick Rossi.  Not only is the music going to rock out, but the composers will be there and I’m sure they’d love you to pull a groupie move and talk to them afterward. I know at least one of these three guys is a down-to-earth cat (haven’t met the other two). And LPR is absolutely one of our favorite venues–totally hip yet unpretentious, fun crowd, nice owners. Click on the composers to hear some samples and get tickets here.

by Su Blackwell

Last night I went to see the Museum of Art and Design‘s Slash: Paper Under the Knife.  This incredible exhibit features artists who cut, fold, and use paper in exceptionally innovative ways. Much of the work involved such meticulous craftsmanship, and some of the larger scale works are so beautiful and voluminous they make one want to literally jump into them. (But don’t do that, obviously.)  I’d suggest going on a Thursday, when the admission is pay-what-you-wish from 6-9 pm.

So take off that Snuggie, pull on your boots and slap on some blush for some ear-opening music and shredded paper that is not meant for the recycling bin!

Superstar-y Night

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-Amanda Hick and Walter Aparicio, soprano and piano extraordinaires

Went to BAM for the first time last night to see the US premiere of Philip Glass’s new operaKepler,’ an hour-and-a-half work about  the scientist’s exploration of the sky and his coming to terms with science and God: he arrives at the conclusion that astronomy and God are connected and it is up to humanity, through science, to find out God’s plan.

The music sounded great with the libretto, which included some of Kepler’s own quotes and the usual libretto filler.  The harmonies and the rhythm were the strongest supporting elements of the ideas contained in the text.  The musicians and conductor Dennis Russell Davies straight up had their shit together.  Sound-wise, Kepler was fantasic.

The production itself, however,  needs a makeover.  At an opera strong visuals are expected, a must even.  Aesthetics aside, visuals also help the audience follow the story better.  For example, the main soloists dressed in plain black concert attire were meant to be the voices of Kepler’s thoughts, but that was not clear.  At the very least, the scenery could have been, I dunno, a starry night perhaps?  (This seems obvious to me.)  I understand the budget was probably low, but creativity does not take thousands of dollars…and we can confirm that here at The Nouveau Classical Project!  My mind was racing with ideas as I sat there.  Anyway, you should still go see it!

Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of the performers, as a rabid usher nearly clawed my boyfriend’s face off as he tried to take a photo of the closing bows.  (She probably would have Tasered him if she had one handy.  Thank God she is not in any real position of authority.)  But enjoy these after-party photos (and a special video!), where, luckily, Ms. Anger Management Issues was not invited.